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off to London

See you in a week.

My aunt, I love, is having a brain surgery tomorrow. They’re taking a tumor out. She stopped to see on one eye recently and they’ve told her it’s a fucking tumor. I’m scared as hell and don’t know what to do. 
If you believe in God, please pray for her. If you don’t, just…keep fingers crossed. 

came here for hannibal, got doctor who instead



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The many faces of Hannibal Lecter - a knight, a beekeeper, a goalkeeper, a guy who tried to accessorize with a fence.

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My mum, little brother, my aunt and some other kids are somewhere in the mountains in a cottage, doing hiking and competitions in running, tree spotting or whatever kids do when they’re in a forest.

I got a text from her now:

"Hey, what is the name of the actor who played Hannibal Lecter?"

…and I’m not really sure what the hell is happening there. Are those 8 to 11 yrs old kids having a pub quiz? Or a movie night? 


Do I call the FBI cause I think I found Hannibal Lecter pretending to be a mannequin


Do I call the FBI cause I think I found Hannibal Lecter pretending to be a mannequin

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isn’t it ironic how the only guy who didn’t see Clarice Starling as a piece of meat was Hannibal Lecter

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I live in a hipster family

I’ve realized just now!

My father
- has a moustache
- rides an old bicycle to work every day (we don’t have a car)
- makes his own plum brandy and other fruit liqueurs from fruit that grows in our garden (along with tons of vegetables)
- can repair almost everything by himself and is able to build a house with a little help
- doesn’t wear designer clothes
- owns more than 1 pair of braces/suspenders

My mother
- makes home-made jams, pickles,…
- knits, crochets, sews, embroiders and makes her own house decorations, using recycled things
- doesn’t wear designer clothes either
- takes care of the trees in the garden herself

We are self-sufficient in production of potatoes, carrots, beetroots, pickles, jams, plum brandy, dried fruit, eggs…and we used to have bees and produced our own honey.

Though I’ll have to be in the garden (read field) reall early tomorrow to dig up the potatoes and I’m not happy about it, I have to admit, that when I think about the amount of “hipster” way of life that my family has, not knowing about it, I’m pretty impressed.