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Halloween meme: [2/5 horror movies] » the silence of the lambs

quid pro quo, clarice.

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Hannibal Season 1 | Episode Poster Designs

I can finally post these posters after working on them for weeks!

Available here

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Important things about the show you only really grasp from the season 2 deleted scenes


Spoilers for the deleted scenes ahead.

  • Bedelia knows exactly as much as we hoped she didn’t know.
  • Jack actually did a lot more, not only to check on whether Lecter was a killer, but to think through his own thoughts about him, about Will Graham, and most importantly himself. I thought his…

How to Prepare Your Mikkelsen for Optimal Performance


Step 1: Carefully duct-tape your Mikkelsen


Step 2: Make sure your Mikkelsen is plugged into all necesssary auditory equipment


Step 3: Gently spray your Mikkelsen to ensure proper hydration


Step 4: Acting!


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Hannibal: Mads Mikkelsen Talks Dr. Lecter’s Past and Future – One of the best shows on television, Hannibal manages to mix over the top, grandiose — and visually stunning — horror…

Hannibal Season 3 will starts filming on October 20 and won’t air before April/May 2015


damn. no Season 3 for my thesis on Hannibal :( (sad cannibal noises)

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“Doing that together, with Laurence [Fishburne], was super thrilling. I mean, I’m standing up against one of the big heroes from The Matrix, who’s been doing this for a living for many years — and I get to kick his ass! That’s fun, right? No, we had a really fun day. It was a long day. We felt young and good — the next day, we felt slightly older.”

—   Mikkelsen on the fight scene in Kaiseki - x (via idontfindyouthatinteresting)

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Hannibal Merchandise:


raúl esparza’s hands are approximately the size of monaco and are large enough to accommodate 35,000 people, 500 acres of land, and 2 million sheep, making them the largest self-sustaining pair of hands in the world.   

Hannibal Lecter Lamenting the Death of Will Graham

Based on this {x} piece.

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